My first Casper morning, 03/07/16

“It’s official”, he nods, “I got the offer. We’re moving to Casper.”

My husband is a wonderful, talented man, who I’ve known for at least 20 years. Our past 6 years together has been quite the moving adventure.

But let me start from the beginning . . .

Being single in San Diego, I had almost hit my 20 year mark in So Cal. San Diego was a beautiful but lonely place that I knew I wouldn’t be for much longer. If not San Diego, where? I could go back to Los Angeles, where, on another whim that lasted 13 years, but I didn’t want to ruin the memories I had created there. I didn’t want to go back home to South Carolina. Why other than loneliness and a lack of a job would I want to leave? I was job hunting, but in the meantime, the unemployment checks were affording me my downtown studio apartment. Where would I be happy(er?) I would sit outside, watch the planes take off, land, and wonder, “Where are they going?” “Would I like it there?” “Where did they come from?” Then, I decided. Nashville. That would be my next stop. Plans began underway to sell or give away anything that wouldn’t fit into my 20-year-old 4Runner. I was sure I had enough money to keep me afloat for a couple of weeks, just to get the break that I needed.  Then, sitting at my computer, taking a breather from researching my upcoming move, and as usual on FaceBook, I looked over at my cat and thought, “I wonder what Jeff is doing?” The rest, as they say, is history. I never made it to Tennessee.

Now, we’re moving to Casper, Wyoming. I had never lived anywhere cold. . . windy . . . snowy.

Follow me as I journal our move.  I was able to visit our new place about 3 weeks ago and took pictures. I plan to take many more. If you’ve never been, it’s beautiful– everything’s in HD.  So clear, so  . . . different.   I also want to show you a side of Casper, as I learn and discover as well. Since I’ve only lived “south of everything” or more familiar with “the smilie face of the U.S.” (the lower states, if you were to draw a line from CA to TX to SC), this should be quite an adventure.

Welcome to “The Cowboy State”.








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