The Cowboy State

The Moving Process

It’s Saturday, and I’m down to packing–well, packing some more.


What to pack? Oh what to pack? (Some purses and boots that are definitely going with!)

About a month ago, while the hubbs was on a trip to Casper, I cleaned out tons of paperwork, clothing, broken appliances, etc. Since then, we’ve both been hacking at it, one project at a time.  I’m down to a couple of weeks before I head out on my solo journey of dropping one fuel efficient car and one 25lb. cat off in Casper.

I’m feeling things close here as I prepare to open them in Casper.  

What will I need? More importantly, what will I wear? (I can feel the eye rolls!)

I’m taking all my personal effects (or as many as will fit, not blocking my view) in Luna, the car, leaving the shotgun seat open for Tux, our black and white, “apartment panther”.
Gotta get back to it . . . 

The one and only Tux.  The original “Apartment Panther.”

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