Catching up . . .

After two weeks, I’m back.

Our Budget in TN

This is our Budget Rent A Truck and “Chet” in Tennessee . . .

Is there such a thing as “Altitude Sickness”? On my last trip, where I flew back out to GA, I sat next to a woman who openly admitted she was recovering from a horrible cold.  Well, guess who got it? So, I was dealing with a cold, dehydration headaches, and thin air.  Slowly, I’m getting my self back but through it all, still snapping pictures. (Yes, I take pictures of pretty much everything.)

Since the two weeks we’ve been in Casper, we (esp. Jeff) has been in Laramie quite a bit.

On the way to Laramie, you can go through Medicine Bow . . .


More pics to come of Laramie  as well . . .

More to come soon!

Thank you for checking out my blog!!


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