Hey “Cowboy State” Followers!

Welcome to the Grand ReOpening of “The Cowboy State”.  Since we last met, I’ve lived in Casper for 4 months, and as you can imagine, gotten more familiar with the town, and other Wyoming locations.  I’ve also met new acquaintances… some I hope will remain friends for years to come.

For the past three months, I’ve been lucky enough to be an ESL volunteer at Casper College.  I’ve met tons of people who are just grateful I can speak English.  Not bad, hey? I’m grateful that I can help out.  Some days I feel so smart, others … I rely on English grammar rules to get me by. (Oooh, can you end a sentence with a prep?)

Can you end a sentence with a preposition?

I also take an English class at the University of Wyoming at Casper … which I really love, but it also made me realize … the more I read, the less I know.

Now, getting back to the topic of my blog, “The Cowboy State” has been revived (“It’s Alive!”and doing well.)


This is what I saw in my common yard last weekend…


If you look close, it’s a little bunny.  I think he’s licking the sprinkler head.  There are tons of these around everywhere. Along with of course, antelopes … (they are too fast–no pictures, yet!), side of the road cattle …


And this BLM horse that changed my life…


And …


Wait!! Where did that come from?! Dang those prepositions?!

Anyway… I also just attended The Wyoming Women’s Conference, which hit a few feels, which I suppose is the whole purpose.  This time, it worked.

Bear with me … old habits die hard.

I need a great ending tagline for my blog–now taking suggestions.  If there’s more you’d like to know about this area, or photos you’d like to see, or just what’s going on, please comment in the comments.

Janie E.



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